Westinghouse 175

Wednesday, October 6, 2021 will mark the 175th anniversary of the birth of George Westinghouse Jr.  

In observation of his “dodrensbicentennial,” efforts are underway to restore Westinghouse Park in Pittsburgh’s East End, formerly Solitude, the estate of George and Marguerite Westinghouse.

The creation of a comprehensive master development plan for the park is already underway, including the construction of a new community building and the implementation of a multi-year, archeological exploration of the historic site.

In addition, a broader effort is taking shape, a 175th retrospective of George Westinghouse, his life, accomplishments, impacts, and legacies.

We call it Westinghouse 175.

The celebration will include:

  1. The Current War – Starting June 3, Pittsburgh’s Quantum Theatre will stage the world premiere of this charming musical by Michael Mitnick, which was the original version of the screenplay of the recent movie of the same name. The musical will take place under a big, Co-vid conscious tent in the middle Westinghouse Park.

2. The Arboretum at Westinghouse Park – Plans are underway to obtain certification for Westinghouse Park as an arboretum.

3. George Westinghouse: Powering the World – Dr. William Huber has written a new biography of George Westinghouse which will be published by McFarland Press in the fall of 2021.

4. The Complete Works of George Westinghouse – Starting in 1869 with Westinghouse Air Brake, George Westinghouse founded at least 55 other companies during his lifetime. Furthermore, based on the principles of business he instilled, these companies continued to sprout, innovate, grow, and evolve long after his death in 1914. How extensive is the list? No one really knows, because there has never been a chronological assembly of all the companies that bore his name, and their many, many off-shoots. This project aims to create one.

As Westinghouse 175 progresses, other related possibilities, opportunities, and tie-ins may develop. They may include:

  • Exhibit/display/class/podcast at the Carnegie Science Center exploring the numerous transformational scientific achievements for which Westinghouse was directly responsible, from the invention of the air brake, the development of natural gas and AC electricity to the final of his 361 patents, for the first automobile shock-absorber.  There are possibilities for student-oriented STEM projects. 
  • Exhibit/display at the Heinz History Center consisting of items presently in its Westinghouse archives, items discovered during the active archeology of Westinghouse Park, as well as previously unknown documents in possession of the Westinghouse family. An article has been written for Western Pennsylvania History magazine.
  • Development of a regional, interactive map marking and detailing the many still existing Westinghouse-related places of interest in the area. In addition to a printed visitor document, the map could be a focus source for travel writers.  
  • Generation of local and regional media exposure for Westinghouse 175.
  • Generation of national and even international attention for Westinghouse 175

For more information about Westinghouse 175, suggest ideas, get involved, or support, please use the contact form at the top of this page.

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