Westinghouse: A Giant among Inventors

Ask the man on the street who he should thank for the electricity that lights his way and he’s likely to say “Thomas Edison.” But the name Westinghouse, to most laymen, conjures up little more than images of 1950’s fridges and toasters. But George Westinghouse was a giant among inventors, and if there’s any one personContinue reading “Westinghouse: A Giant among Inventors”

A Concise History of George Westinghouse

George Westinghouse: The Mystery Our history pages are thick with Mellons, but it was Westinghouse who changed the course of the country by WILLIAM S. DIETRICH II.  PROFILES   Pittsburgh Quarterly – 2006 SPRING/​SUMMER It was a dreary fall day when, on a friend’s suggestion, I visited the George Westinghouse Museum in Wilmerding. It is housed inside the former WestinghouseContinue reading “A Concise History of George Westinghouse”