“WESTINGHOUSE, Life and Times of an American Icon”

“WESTINGHOUSE, Life and Times of an American Icon,” a 36-chapter, one hour 50 minute-video, is an excellent chronicle of the remarkable life and accomplishments of a seminal inventor and progressive industrialist. This 3-minute snippet provides a quick introduction into the man after whom Westinghouse Park was named.

A wonderful turnout last night. A full house.

posted by Frank Kurtig George Westinghouse is not given his due today and has not received it for decades, being overshadowed by his rival. Thomas Edison, an inveterate self-promoter who outlived Westinghouse by seventeen years. Tonight’s presentation in the East Liberty Valley Historical Society’s Marilyn Evert Lecture Series was a double-billed effort to begin toContinue reading “A wonderful turnout last night. A full house.”