Pittsburgh Oddcast on KDKA honors George Westinghouse

History loving podcaster John Shalkosky gets to know George Washington better, and he likes what he discovers.  John recently shared his enthusiasm on two episodes of his program “The Pittsburgh Oddcast, heard on KDKA radio.     The Gentle Genius Of George Westinghouse – Part 1 The Gentle Genius Of George Westinghouse – Part 2Continue reading “Pittsburgh Oddcast on KDKA honors George Westinghouse”

They can be SURE that it’s Westinghouse

On Tuesday morning, August 13, 20 volunteers from Westinghouse SURE, a group of retired employees of Westinghouse related companies, visited the park. In addition to spreading mulch around the trees along the Thomas Boulevard park front, the group enjoyed a tour of the park’s past, present, and future conducted by WP2CC member David Bear, followedContinue reading “They can be SURE that it’s Westinghouse”

Tune up for the Great Race at the .5K

When this article ran last year, this website did not exist.  What progress we have made. The 2019 races will be run on Sunday, September 22. Here’s where to find out more information and register. Sign up for pre-registration and be the first to know when registration for this event is live! www.surveymonkey.com/r/H7L6596

How Solitude became Westinghouse Park

When he died in 1914, George Westinghouse Jr. left no specific instructions regarding the disposition of Solitude, his Pittsburgh estate. When his wife Marguerite died three months later, everything passed to their only child, George Westinghouse III, who no longer called Pittsburgh home. For insight in the process of how the Westinghouse Estate became WestinghouseContinue reading “How Solitude became Westinghouse Park”

“WESTINGHOUSE, Life and Times of an American Icon”

“WESTINGHOUSE, Life and Times of an American Icon,” a 36-chapter, one hour 50 minute-video, is an excellent chronicle of the remarkable life and accomplishments of a seminal inventor and progressive industrialist. This 3-minute snippet provides a quick introduction into the man after whom Westinghouse Park was named.