New Visions for Westinghouse Park

ARCH DESIGN STUDIO [48:640] INTEGRATION II Spring 2020 David Bear of the Westinghouse Park 2nd Century Coalition orients eleven post-graduate students at CMU’s School of Architecture about the park’s history.  They are participants in a design studio conducted by faculty members Jeff Davis and Matt Huber that will focus on the design of a public buildingContinue reading “New Visions for Westinghouse Park”

George Westinghouse: The Mystery

Interested in the remarkable man after whom Westinghouse Park is named?  Here is an excellent overview: George Westinghouse: The Mystery Our history pages are thick with Mellons, but it was Westinghouse who changed the course of the country by WILLIAM S. DIETRICH II Pittsburgh Quarterly PROFILES 2006 SPRING/​SUMMER It was a dreary fall day when,Continue reading “George Westinghouse: The Mystery”

Welcome to the Pittsburgh home of George Westinghouse

A contingent from China attending the recent CAST -P (Chinese Association of Science and Technology) 2019 Global Innovation Summit made a special visit to the park and pay honor to George Westinghouse.  David Bear of the Westinghouse Park 2nd Century Coalition toured the group through the history of the park (with the help of aContinue reading “Welcome to the Pittsburgh home of George Westinghouse”