The Westinghouse Brand Endures

How design has helped the rebirth of a 100-year-old American brand From the San Francisco Chronicle By StoryStudio May 10, 2023 9:27 PM (BPT) – When you think of the most important, influential companies in America, the first image that may pop into your head is their logo. This is common for long-lived brands spanning decades —Continue reading “The Westinghouse Brand Endures”

Vanished Westinghouse estate here yields some secrets

Here is the article that chronicled the beginning of Westinghouse Park’s rediscovered and the first step in the new master development plan. That step was made by archaeologist Christine Davis, who recently died. Seventeen years is a long time, and many steps remain. But all great accomplishments start somewhere. RIP Chris. May 2, 2006  By PatriciaContinue reading “Vanished Westinghouse estate here yields some secrets”

Catching the Churchill Choo-choo

Here’s an aerial view of the Westinghouse Research Labs in Churchill as seen in the 1970s. The campus was constructed over 20 years, with more than a half dozen new structures being fitted in over the decades. Do you think the original concept included this homage to George Westinghouse’s innovations that revolutionized railroad transportation aroundContinue reading “Catching the Churchill Choo-choo”

A Man for His People

Mechanical Engineering. Oct 2008 This article published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers discusses the stature of George Westinghouse as an engineer who is rivaled by his skill and integrity as a leader. Beginning with the railroad air brake, Westinghouse’s inventiveness formed the basis of a commercial empire. Given the evidence of his companiesContinue reading “A Man for His People”

Initial schematics for Westinghouse Park master development plan

The design firm of Pashek MTR is now actively working on designs for the master development plan for Westinghouse Park. Based on the advance planning report produced in 2021, these initial design concepts were unvelied on October 1 at the “What’s the .5 K Race.” Both of these plans involve the complete renovation and updatingContinue reading “Initial schematics for Westinghouse Park master development plan”

Final Results

2022 Westinghouse Park What’s the .5 K October 1, 2022 Although there were 80 people who registered for the .5 K, some were from out of town (thanks to the George Westinghouse family) and others were dissuaded by the rainy conditions that morning. Still 45 hearty athletes (ranging in age from 5 to 76, includingContinue reading “Final Results”