Fallen giants in the park

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 4.34.18 PM

As park visitors know Westinghouse Park suffered a major loss early on the morning of May 1, as three of the giant, Solitude-era red oaks in its center came down. Here is a drone video of the devastation and several still shots below.

Estimated to be nearly 150 years old, the oaks were probably planted in the late 1870s when George and Marguerite Westinghouse expanded and landscaped their estate.

Although the magnificent trees were probably near the end of their normal life span, the poor drainage in that part of the park likely contributed to their demise. Also, because they were planted in tight trios, the failure of one brought down the other two, as happened to another group three years ago.

Only two of the distinctive oak groupings remain, at the drive entrance where MacPherson meets Murtland.

At any rate, the immediate question is what is to be done with the fallen trees? We’re happy to report the city is already making arrangements to have them removed and that much of the wood will be salvaged for reuse.  Pittsburgh Urban Tree will select boards to make furniture and other boards may be used in the construction of the park’s new community center.

Thanks to Harvey Butts for these drone images of the fallen giants.

Fallen Trees in Westinghouse Park

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